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Why does saving energy matter?

Life is expensive enough without the stress of high and sometimes unaffordable energy bills. When you reduce your energy consumption, the cost of your utility bills also decreases. For some households, this can amount to hundreds of dollars saved each year. Minimizing unnecessary energy use is also good for the environment.

Making energy saving easy for everyone

Saving energy benefits everyone. Our mission is to make it easier for you to reduce your energy consumption and save money. When it comes to understanding home energy systems, utility bills, and opportunities to participate in home retrofit programming, many households have questions about how to get started.

To get started, explore our comprehensive resource library, or connect with our team to get personalized support in your language.

Empower Me



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Empower Me delivers multilingual education, support, and coaching services to ensure immigrant and newcomer communities have access to energy, climate, and home retrofit programs.

Empower Me is Canada’s first and longest running energy conservation and education program designed to support marginalized communities often underserved by traditional programming. Through community-led workshops, multilingual education and custom coaching services, the program empowers participants to better understand their relationship with energy and their homes.

We extend our gratitude to the McConnell Foundation for their generous
support in bringing to life.
McConnell Foundation is a "private Canadian foundation that contributes to diverse and innovative approaches to address community resilience, reconciliation, and climate change."